Monday, March 30, 2009

Driving on a blanket of snow

This is what it looked like in Heber today way up in the mountains. I found this picture on the Internet, but this is what it looked like as we drove up to a cabin to clean it. Good thing we have a 4 wheel drive or we could not have made it. We drove on a road to the cabin that had not been plowed at all and I was the first one to drive on it. It was about a foot deep and we drove through it just fine. My sister Joni and I were pretty nervous but we ended up laughing and loving it. It was so beautiful this morning and I found this picture that looked like how we saw it. White, soft, untouched, and beautiful. Now we just need spring to get here and stay. This is all the winter I can take. Where is the sunshine and warmth?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Parker's soccer cake, and gifts

Parker's 16th birthday!

These are Parker's new soccer shoes for his birthday. He got them about 2 weeks ago so it was an early present. Soccer shoes cost ALOT! Especially when he needs some that will last since he plays alot.
This is #2 soccer cake I made in a week. Parker loves soccer and he wanted a soccer cake just like Zac's. Everyone wanted a piece of the soccer ball and it actually fed everyone. Now there is just a big hole in the middle of the cake. I went to his weight training class with a big poster and a big bag of treats and all the soccer guys sang happy birthday to him. Then at soccer practice someone, they don't know who brought lots of cupcakes. They are not sure if they were for Parkers birthday, but they all ate them anyway. Parker said it might have been from the cheerleaders. He has a few fans. Ha Ha!

Happy 16th Birtday Parker!!!! Now you can DATE, and drive in May when you get your licence This is a poster I made him cause he loves candy. It says...

When you were born the doctor took extra care (gum) of you. Although he did have to give you a shot in your heel to check your blood and it gave you DOTS. You were such a cute baby(baby ruth). What cute little fingers( butterfinger) you had. As you got older the girls started to notice that your were not a Nerd(nerds candy) and that you were a 100 grand(candy bar). All the babes(sugar babies) were after you but you had plenty(Good & Plenty) of soccer to keep you busy. You had many crunches(crunch candy bar) to do at recess(reese's candy bar). When you get your licence you will be a lifesaver(lifesaver jelly beans), but dont roll(rolo candy bar) the car and get your licence twixed(twix candy bar) away. Happy Birthday Parker!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The soccer cake

Happy Birthday Zac!! Zac's birthday was March 20th and he turned 9. He wanted a soccer cake so I made him a soccer ball on a green field. I'm not a professional, but it was fun and the ball actually turned out nice and round. It was fun, and when it was time to cut the cake, everyone wanted a piece of the ball so there ended up being a big hole in the middle of the green field. He loves soccer, but ended up getting a basketball and basketball shoes for his birthday. He wants to try out all kinds of sports. We took him out to eat and he was so excited he got to order from the adults menu instead of the kids. He even warned everyone not to eat his left overs because he wanted to eat them for lunch the next day. He should have duck taped it closed because someone took a few bites he said and he was not very happy. Over all he thanked me for everything and said he had a great birthday. Oh, and I also embarrassed him at school by bringing him a balloon and treats for his class and we all sang to him. He loved everything. Zac and his birthday cake. He finally smiled after 3 pictures.
A better view of the not so professional cake, but fun to make. Zac did the goal post and his name.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Red Rope

I really wish I could feel like the top red rope right now, but I don't think I will for a long time. I feel like the bottom one right now and have for a whole week. Getting a new calling is very scary especially the one I just got. Young Womans President. Yikes! I am really excited and I just love the Young Woman in our ward. They are amazing! I love going to camp and seeing how strong of testimonies they have. I am really excited for this, but I am soooo scared. I have no idea what I am doing. A friend told me to just talk to them and love them and everything will be fine. I am trying to keep that my goal.