Sunday, June 21, 2009

AMAZING Girls Camp 2009

The whole team with our famous football jersey's on
Girls Camp was amazing this year, as it always is. This is my 3rd year and I want to go until the whole time Haley goes. This is such an amazing spiritual experience. You can just feel the spirit right when you drive into Camp Shalom. This year the weather was a little better and we had a few breaks from the rain. It was cold, but we had fun anyway. Haley and I with her crazy glasses on the last day of camp. Nice hair guys. They all teased their hair for the fashion show.

Haley waking up the girls with the song "Reveille" Some of the girls were laughing and some were not.

All the amazing leaders!

Ah..... me and Haley, sorry it sideways. We brought these PJ's to see the reaction of the girls, but not much of a reaction. They even have those cute little feet in them. Haley loves hers and wears hers when she is cold. I borrowed them from my sister Shari who went to girls camp the week after us.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Here is a website where you can go onto to listen to Mic's song and vote for it so he can win and earn money. He is in 5th place right now and needs your vote every day. He has 58 votes and the first person has 307 votes. Push him up to first. He would love that. You just have to log in, then go to showcase and find Mic and vote. Start voting every day through the whole month of June, but you need to vote every day to push him up.

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