Monday, March 15, 2010

Here is the video!!

Mic opening the post office box to see if his call came It came!!!!! It was the only thing in the box, a big white envelope. He is all smiles
Elder McKinly Thomas Lopp. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the video of Mic reading his call. The only thing we forgot was to film all the people down below Mic. Our whole front room was packed with family and friends. You can almost here a pin drop while Mic was reading his call. Everyone was so excited to hear where he was going. I totally forgot to get pictures of the huge crowd we had. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures. I was so concerned about getting it on video that I forgot about pictures. Mic said the view of all the people was amazing and intimidating! It was so much fun to have everyone over and support Mic in this amazing time in his life.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mic got his call on Wednesday. We went to the post office to get the mail with all the cameras we have and pushed record before he opened it and the only thing in the box was slowly pulled out and it was a giant white envelope!! It was HIS CALL! It was so cool. I just wanted him to open it right then. I was so excited and my excitement starting taking over me by making me jittery, shaky, laughing and saying over and over; "I can't believe it's here." We drove right next store to get a yummy chocolate donut from Holiday to celebrate.

We drove to Staples to get little smiley stickers so everyone could put them on a map to guess where he goes before he opens it. We decided to open it at 9pm, so we had to wait like 11 hours! It was a very long 11 hours. While we were at Staples and buying our purchases, Mic bought his first and when he was done started walking towards the door, so did I with my items to buy. Mic said to me "Mom are you not going to buy your things?" I said "Oh yeah!" I almost forgot to buy my stuff because my excitement is taking over me. I guess it's time to just go home and wait.

We tried to keep busy all day, lunch, shopping, working, piano, cleaning, YW, and finally 9 came. All the cameras ready, guesses made and everyone there. Mic stood at the top overlooking everyone over the railing. He opened it and was so nervous said "where do I read it." He finally found where he was to read it and once there was total silence, he read, and even before he finished a huge loud cheer erupted when he said SWEDEN. He had to read it over to tell us where in Sweden. Stockholm, Sweden. He then read when he would leave; July 28th and he would be speaking Swedish, another cheer erupted. He leaves right during girls camp. Haley and I will have to come up with the Relief Society on Wed night.

With all the excitement I wanted to make sure I got everything videotaped and so we had 3 cameras going. I totally forgot to take still pictures. I'm so mad at myself for not taking any. My Mom got only 2 or 3. We did not even get a picture of the mass crowd of people in our front room looking up to Mic. There was a ton of people, the whole front room was crowded with family and friends. I did not even videotape the eruption of cheer that exploded. I told Mic we have to do it all over again.

I still cannot believe he is going to Sweden. I keep saying it out of the blue and it's been 4 days. I can't believe it!

I'm in St. George right now using my sister's lap top so I can't post the videotape of it, but I will when I get home. Check back later.

Yeah, Stockholm, Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Prayers needed! The wait is almost over!

It's coming!!!!!! This week we are hoping. I'm bringing the camera to the post office every day with Mic. His call just has to be there this week because Mic is home for his spring break all week and Andy will be home too. It just has to come. Party at the Lopp's Wed or Thurs to watch him open his call, if it comes. They say they are supposed to come on Wed or Thur. EVERYONE SAY A FEW PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!