Sunday, February 5, 2012

An update from the Lopp's.

I'm not too great on updating my blog, but I so admire those of you who do and I love reading your blogs.  They inspire me.  Thank you for all your posts.  Not much has been going on with the Lopp family.  I did my first half marathon with Parker at halloween time, and it was amazing  The holiday's went by fast.  We did make a Bigger gingerbread house than last year and it came with a pool.  We had our annual Santa christmas party with all of the family over. 

Parker is doing great at college and he is looking forward to coming home to get ready for his mission.  Mic comes home July 20th of this year, a week after scout camp and girls camp, which are the same week.  He is doing great and is in the most coveted part of the Sweden mission.  He is in a big ward with lots of youth.  Haley is Haley and loves school!  She wants to enjoy her last year at HS to the fullest.  She loves student council and her softball.  Reilly is growing so tall and is in a size 13 shoe!!  Zac is just a little Parker and loves to sykpe with Parker. 

Andy and I are just busy working and working.  I'm going on my 4th year in YW.  All the YW are such an inspiration and I love them all so much. 

We are looking forward to spring and summer especially with Mic coming home and Parker going on a mission.  I'm thinking about signing up for 2 half marathons this summer.  I'm hoping some of our kids will do it with me.  That's about all with the Lopp's