Saturday, January 22, 2011

lyrics to a song Mic made up.

This is lyrics to a song Mic made up. He played the piano and sang this song at Zone Conference this month. He does have 2 Uncles named Gary.

My name is Elder Gary
and I'm a missionary
I go around the city
and people think we're scary

We dress in Dark suits Daily
Lookin the same from day to day
But people see our smiles
and wonder what we have to say

Ooo, we're swedish missionaries
we eat potatoes and rice
we have to have our Saft daily
and we eat with a fork and a knife!

It's 6:30 in the morning
the sun has yet to rise
i look outside, its snowing
it just makes me want to cry

But studies get me going
it gets my brainwaves flowing
we feast from these here scriptures
our knowledge ever growing.

Ooo, we're swedish missionaries
We eat meatballs and Rice
we have to have our Saft daily
and we eat with a fork and a knife!

Lunch is done, so lets run
Lets go cantakting cause its fun
Contact that man he's on the run!

2 or 3 teaches are on the way
How can I make my teaching better today
Ask questions, adjust my teaching
am i really really listning?

Ooo, we're swedish missionaries
We eat Chicken and Rice
we have to have our Saft daily
and we eat with a fork and a knife!

I go to member middags
then come home and eat some more
I've already gained 5 kilo's
so its time to knock some doors!

Its time for bed
theres too much going on in my head
dop datums, member dinners, new people we have meet
there's fredrik, johanas, safi..........zzzzzzzz
(snoring and then a chromatic run up the keyboard)

Ooo, we're swedish missionaries
I have yet to try Surströming
we have to have our Saft daily
and we eat with a fork and a knife!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beautiful song! "I Love You, Son"

This is an amazing song about a father and a son that I absolutely love. We talked about it in our YW lesson today. Our Heavenly Father and the Savior are always there and loves us no matter what we have done. The words to the song really touch your heart. It helps you to be a better parent and to love your kids even more when they do something wrong. It teaches you how to respond the right way without anger. It teaches you to lovingly discipline them when they do something wrong. This is how Christ is and we want to be like him, right?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Years Resolution

So I have not even made a list of 2011 resolutions. I have not had a desire to make one, until today. I have my first one. I taught combined YW today and the lesson was on God the Father. It was a hard lesson for me to put together, cause usually a lesson on faith, tithing, scriptures or love is easy for me to pull together things and talk about alot. This lesson I had to really think and learn about before I could teach it. I learned alot about God the Father and how He is so much like Jesus Christ. They are the same in all that they do.

Haley read the Ugly Duckling story and how he had a desire to be something better and believe in himself and to follow the other beautiful swans. I have a better desire to be like God the Father just like the Ugly Duckling wanted to be like the swans. I hope that the spirit was strong in my lesson. At times I felt like I was repeating myself and when I looked at everyone I felt like I lost my thoughts. For some reason I got really nervous an hour before I taught it. I knew I had been working on it for a few weeks and I felt prepared, but I felt like I had no confidence and at times my thoughts were not there. After the lesson a few people told me the spirit was strong and they were grateful for it. I felt the spirit, but it came in spurts. I hope the girls learned more about God the Father and felt the spirit strong and got something out of the lesson that can help them get closer to their Father in Heaven. I love teaching the YW and being with them. They inspire me so much and they are like family. I want them to achieve and be all that they can be.

My first New Years resolution is to communicate with Heavenly Father through prayer. I know that I need to work on this alot and so I'm grateful for this lesson I taught and for having a desire to talk to my Father in Heaven more.