Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh NO! Not again....SPIDERS!!!!!!!!

It happened AGAIN! I was working with my sister and it had been a long day. While we were working, my sister said she saw something fly in the corner of her eye and heard a swooping noise. We freaked out! I don’t know if it was our imagination or not, but we kept hearing that noise and feeling like there was a bat flying around. We never saw it, but felt it. I said to her.. "Oh great, now I will probably have a spider dream tonight." Well..... I DID! And it was the worst one yet. It was 3:00 in the morning and I was dreaming Andy and I were opening up this box. It was kinda an Indiana Jones type of setting. Okay, so we open this box and I start to open this white letter size envelope and all the sudden all these fat 1 inch spiders start crawling out very fast and going all over the bed. They were really fat and transparent, and very freaky. I jump up on my knees screaming and pulling the sheets and I look up still asleep and see Andy yelling and on his knees wondering what he is doing. It kinda scared me and looked like he was coming after me so I scream louder, he was actually trying to get me to wake up, then I wake up and jump off the bed and realize I had a scary spider dream. I turn on all the lights and search the bed, and then I end up back in bed laughing uncontrollably while watching for spiders. Every time I think about us kneeling on the bed screaming and yelling at 3 in the morning I cant stop laughing. Our kids did not hear a thing, except Mic heard us laughing. Andy was up for a while after that hearing noises and having a bad feeling. The next morning we found a mouse in the kitchen stuck to a mouse sticky trap. The noise Andy was hearing was probably the mouse trying to get away. WHY do I have these scary spider dreams? I’m afraid to go to sleep every night. HELP!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

I just had to post this picture, and got a good laugh at it. This was at walmart. Isn't clearance supposed to mean a lower price? Now that's a deal! Ha Ha!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dinner, Breakfast, Chocolate chip cookies, and a clean kitchen all in one morning!

This morning was a good morning. I got up and made lasagna for dinner since I wont be home to make it later, and so my family does not have to worry about making dinner. I put it in the fridge so all they have to do is stick it in the oven and dinner is ready. I also made french toast for everyone for breakfast, and while that was cooking I made chocolate chip cookies to say thank you to a few people. I cleaned the whole kitchen while the cookies baked, folded laundry, sewed Haley's skirt and sewed Zac's church pants, and now I have to wait to shower for church because all the hot water is gone, so I decided to update my blog. I have not cooked for weeks and it felt good. I actually went grocery shopping last night and felt out of place. I could not remember where stuff was and I had no clue what to buy. It's been nice to have a few min, usually at midnight to check every ones blogs. I have not been able to comment alot, but just reading your blogs helped me relax and get ready for the next day. Thanks for blogging.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is there no end in sight?

Can I just RUN away! I seriously need a break. I miss grocery shopping which I have not done in a month. I miss cooking even tho I don't know how to cook. I miss going to SEP's with the kids. I miss doing the laundry and cleaning my house, yes I even miss cleaning the bathrooms. I miss taking Parker driving so he can get his hours in...okay maybe I don't miss that.. it's too scary! I miss going to Parkers games. I miss being home when Zac and Reilly get home. I miss reading a book without falling asleep or watching a full tv show without falling asleep. I miss so many things right now and it turns out I might be able to do some of these things and work the same hours! Andy was doing all these things and taking down Christmas lights but has hurt his foot and then the other foot. Arg! Okay he might be able to do some things. There is that saying. Mom's can do it all. I guess that is my test right now. Hopefully I will survive. I do get to go to Haley's BB game today tho and hopefully I won't have to work so much today. I do look forward to going to the Draper Temple open house which we are doing as a family on Monday at 3. I can't wait.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My nephews Josh and Ben who I miss so much

Today it has been 2 years since my nephew Josh passed away, He is the one in the hat and it's been a little over a year(Jan 25th) that my other nephew Ben passed away. They are brothers and the most awesome brothers you will ever see. They both had cancer. They both had Down Syndrome. I love these guys so much and I really miss them alot. They always made you laugh so hard. They were full of so much love for everyone and anything. I think about them so much, and I'm so glad I have so many great memories of them. They were a huge example of how we all should be, so giving, so loving, so Christlike, so kind, so happy, so involved, and so much more. My kids miss them alot and always talk about the times that Josh would chase them around the house, usually in his underwear and scare them with his big "BOO". Whenever you would ask "Are you happy?" to Ben he would do a cute expression and laugh and nod his head. I just love them so much and miss them and I feel honored that they are my nephews.