Sunday, May 16, 2010

A weekend full of AMAZING things

Tulips at the Temple -- So Beautiful Andy came home for this amazing weekend and we were able to take Mic through the Temple for his mission. It was so neat and good to be together for these experiences.
Andy was also here for Haley's Patriarchal Blessing. Haley has been wanting one for a long time and she was so excited to go pick it up she was skipping to the Patriarchs door and smiling and laughing. This has been a great experience for her and she is so glad to have it.

Andy was also here for Reilly to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and become a Deacon. Andy did his Ordination. He was excited to get his suit and very excited to get to go do Fast Offerings for the first time. I was very impressed how the Deacons talked to him. Kadon Peterson told him about it and he kept saying "you get to do this" and "you get to do this", instead of "you have to" I think that made Reilly more excited and to believe it's very important.

This really was an amazing week. It took some scheduling with getting Andy home at the right time and Mic coming home from college. Mic did great and I think got straight A's. He got a job a few days later. He started Tuesday full time and can earn some money for his Mission. We are SO grateful for this job. It will help a lot.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Woman's Conference with Hillary Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

Every year we go to Woman's Conference at BYU with my Mom, sisters and friends. This is a picture with Hillary Weeks after the big concert on Thursday night in the Marriott Center. We stayed behind and she was right there so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she would be in our picture with us. She was so happy to do it. She is an amazing LDS singer. She is also really funny and talked about laundry throughout the concert. They even gave a washer and dryer away and tons of laundry soap. I really don't know who the lady in the blue on the left is tho. She just joined in. The rest are my Mom, Angie, me, Hillary Weeks, Joni, Karen and Shelley all my sisters and my Mom. I actually stood right by her with her arm around me and Joni. Ha Ha! We had a great time.