Friday, July 31, 2009

Too many changes

Do you ever feel like life is going so fast and so many changes are coming that you don't want to deal with anything sometimes. Life is crazy here: Mic going to college at Dixie, and mission coming up, new job for Andy( which could be stressful for our family but we need the job bad), Feeling like YW is so busy and feeling overwhelmed, but I love it and I love all the girls( I just want all the girls to feel loved), friends moving, school starting, and the list goes on. All these changes have made me feel stressed and feeling like I don't want to go on, but I have to, so I force myself to do things. I feel better after I do them, but these feelings are still there and don't seem to go away. I'm always on the verge of crying, but I try to think of good things and have stopped it a few times. I think all these feelings is why I have not blogged in a while. It was nice to sit down today to read everyone's blogs. I have not done that in awhile.

I have been walking/running lately and going on 4 weeks now. The canyon is my favorite and that's where I think alot and I think has helped me with these bad stressed feelings. I hope it does not get cold soon, cause the canyon and running is helping a little. I don't like to run in the cold. I think running, the canyon and reading all your blogs help. I will post some pictures soon if I have some.

This summer has been very boring for our kids. Except for Haley. She has been gone for 3 weeks this summer. Girls camp, EFY, Soccer camp at Dixie, and Student council at Dixie. She paid for all of it herself. She made over $700 this summer and we are so proud of her. Paying for all these things have made it more meaningful for her. We have not done much but go to a movie or two, just working alot and trying to make it. Our California Beach trip(family vacation before Mic leaves to go to school and his mission) got thrown out the window, but there is always next year. Sorry Mic. I think the kids are actually excited about school starting, hey my house will stay cleaner too. I'm excited for school to start and it might make things better. Hope everyone is doing well.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kinda a little bit NERDY!

This was our Daddy/Daughter Nerd Night at Young Womans. It turned out to be a success. All the dads were troopers and dressed up and did all the activities, mainly eating contest. Hope no one got sick. I better run and hide with posting this picture. All the nerdy girls
All the nerdy Dad's. Great face Mark. Ha Ha!