Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who said you could......

So I was looking to put a new post on my blog and I came across Haley's pictures and this is what I found. THEY ARE ON THE ROOF!! When did this happen? They could have fallen! Haley, you are in big trouble.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Uhm.... College life... maybe I should be more stressed

Crazy faces, girls, funny hats. Is this college? Actually Mic is doing well and not starving anymore since the Baughs brought him a box of treats I put together for him and his meal plan is working now, so he is doing good. He has been meeting lots of people and met his Bishop today. He LOVES being on his own. He has been gone a week and our piano is getting dusty, and it's quiet. SAD! Haley has been too busy with soccer to play it. I might play it or try to. Anyone is welcome to come over and play for me. I'm missing it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Starting school and COLLEGE!!!

Mic going off to college!!! This is a day I thought I was prepared for but lost it an hour before he left. This was a day I was supposed to go with my sisters and my mom to party all day cause all of our kids are in school all day. Breakfast, shopping, pool and a treat, but I missed the first one because I wanted to stay until the very last moment to get Mic off. I wanted to spend every last moment with him ( a friend came to our house to pick him up cause she was going to Dixie too in St. George). First he got all packed and ready then I had him sit at the piano and have him play my favorite songs and sing one of the songs. This is when I lost it and I cried through all the songs and just watched him. I was even crying drying my hair thinking about him leaving. He is only going to be about 4 hours away, but it feels like he is going to be millions of miles away. My sister Shelley said this will help tho for when he goes on his mission and it won't be so hard to let him go because I have a taste of it now.

This is a picture of him with all his stuff that we fit in her tiny car. She already had a microwave and another huge box in the back seat so we stuffed and stuffed and got it all in. I am so grateful for her taking him down, it helped alot and he probably had more fun anyway.
I This is a whole new change for us and I was not prepared for how I was feeling. I'm really missing the younger years. And to top it off, his phone is not working down there and I have only talked to him on his friends phone 2 times. He starts school tomorrow and I hope his scholarship money is in. It wasn't when he left. This college stuff is stressful and makes me miss the younger days even more. Treasure those little days, every second, cause they go by fast. I wish there was a way to slow down time. I try not to think about all these changes but they are all around me and I can't stop them. They just keep coming whether I'm ready for them or not. Chocolate helps a little but too many changes will get me fat with eating chocolate with every change. What to do? Just remember to treasure the little days as much as you can cause they go away too fast! Some of the elementary kids going off to school. This is my favorite years that I'm missing of Parker, and Mic. I love this age
This is another growing up part that you just want to hang on to. Jr. High with the 2 Haley's and Parker in 11th grade. I made Mic stand in too cause this is the way we always have taken first day of school pictures. This will be the last picture of Mic on the steps. SAD!!!!! Very SAD!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

"His Hands"

As I was planning my Laurel lesson this week which is on service, it talks about Heavenly Fathers tools and the tools he gives us to use, to serve others, and I thought of this song and found a video to go with it. It's amazing! It reminds us how we should use these tools (hands) to lift others up and to be more like Him. Doug Taylor was so nice and put it on a DVD so I could show my class this amazing video. Thanks Doug. Hope you all enjoy it.