Sunday, October 18, 2009

Canyon fall pictures and Ibuprohen

We decided to go up the canyon while Mic was home from a break from school in St. George to take some pictures with all the pretty leaves. It was fun but kinda stressful and by the time we got home 3 of us had to take Ibuprofen because we had headaches. As you can see in these pictures Zac would not cooperate very well. There is only a few that turned out with him somewhat smiling normal. The pictures are a little blurry, but we got them done and can choose one for a Christmas post card.
I wanted to get one of the kids with the leaves as the background so they just layed down in front of each other.

We brought a box of leaves and had the kids throw up the box so I could get a picture of leaves falling on them, but it did not turn out. As we were leaving a family of 4 were taking pictures in the same spot but by a tree and one of our kids said "Hey Mom that Dad just shook the tree while they smiled" What a novel idea. Well, I was too tired to try it again, so here is the picture of leaves falling on them.

Ah... Love this picture

Okay so Parker the brave, daring person he is, started walking across this log over the river of rocks about 15 or 20 feet in the air and HE ALMOST FELL. He had to get down on his knees to get back and made it.