Friday, September 12, 2008

I quess you would have to be there to understand this picture. At girls camp we had a craft day and since our theme was "He will rock you", we made pet rocks. I am very afraid of bears, so I decided to make a bear rock to try and overcome my fear of them. I found the perfect bear head and proceeded to find a body, but the body would not stay glued on, so I thought I would just make a bear head, so I painted it brown and then I realized I'm not good at being a artist to make a face so I just kinda stopped, then someone said it looked like a piece of pooh. It really did, so I wrote pooh on it in white paint then put 2 eyes on it. It became known as the "one eyed pooh rock" because one eye fell off. I thought Haley's rock turned out really cute, but mine was a motivational rock especially camping if you know what I mean.


Jamie said...

no one can possibly know how funny that rock is unless they spent the week with it like I did. I love the pooh rock. The Pooh rock is my friend and inspiration.

Candy said...

You are awesome and my love for the one eyed pooh will go on forever!