Saturday, September 27, 2008

Great job on the win Parker

Finally a win!!!!!!! Parker's ranger soccer team finally won today 3-2. Parker is the one in maroon. It was an awesome game. Parker almost got a goal and he is a defender. The ball bounced off the goal post and went up over it, but hey they still won. The last 3 games have been hard, but today they stepped it up. Hopefully they can take state like they did last year. They have 3 more games then they start state cup. Parker got new soccer shoes and loves them, they even have his name on them and he paid for them. You gotta love that. He even cleans and shines them after he wears them every time. I wish he would do that with his room and his jobs. I think thats every moms dream.

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Amy Hawkes said...

Congratulations on the win and good luck with the next couple of games! Love the new family photo... you guys have a beautiful family.