Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mic's Musical Eagle Scout Project

Mic has been getting ready to do his Eagle project and it's on Nov. 20th. Please come, it will be amazing! This is actually Mic's dream to put on a concert and play the piano in front of lots of people, and he wants to fill the whole auditorium. There will also be others performing. Bring your whole family,extended family, and lots of food. The food banks need it. It will be an amazing concert! Here are the details:

The Musical Eagle Scout Project

What: My name is Mic Lopp and I am holding a concert for my Eagle Project to help gather food for Holiday Kits for the food bank that I will be putting together. The concert will include various groups from Timpanogos High School, among others who will be sharing their talents for the community.

When: November 20, Concert time 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: Orem Junior High School Auditorium

Admission: 1 Item from the Holiday Kit listed below. In reality I need 200 food items to complete my kits, so feel free to bring extra food. Money donations can also be donated after the additional admissions. All money contributions will be used to buy additional items needed for the Holiday kits.

Stuffing Mix
Canned vegetables
Gravy Mix
Mash potatoes(Instant)

Mic will be collecting additional Holiday Kit foods from Nov 24-28. See Mic if you are bringing more food later.


Jamie said...

does he want instant potatoes then? what size? just the box kind? any preference on canned vegies?

Joni said...

Count us in! we will all be there! This is a great project and will help many!!!! Julie what were we thinking about monday???? crazy!!!

Aprilyn said...

My husband teaches at UVU that night so I'm not sure if I can make it. I will try though.

wendy said...

We are so excited about this! My book club is that night, so I may have to leave early, but I'm going to invite them and hope they can come. This will be so great!!!! Mic is amazing!

Wendy said...

Hi Julie,

Would you mind asking Mic if he wants the 11-year-old scouts to help out with anything. We are planning on coming as our activity that week anyway. I understand we should bring the food to donate. Is there going to be an admission charge and, if so, how much?

karen louise said...

Yes, I definately will be there. I'm so excited for him! He is so talented...I can't wait!

Joni said...

Sounds like an Awesome Project!! I can't believe it's almost Monday!!! FREAK!!

karen louise said...

Hey I can comment on your blog, but when I do, it says "blog will be posted after blog owner approval". Let me see if I can figure out what you should do.

Judy said...

I'll be there with food kit items in hand. Mic is an amazing pianist and this is a GREAT Eagle Scout project - a win-win for everyone. By the way, I enjoy all the pictures you put out on the slide shows here. Looks like you guys picked a great day to hike Timp.