Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Millions of HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love hugs! Yesterday I was gone most of the day and Zac kept noticing. Everytime I came back for a second and then go to leave he would hug me and not let go. He had dishes to do so I said I would stay in the kitchen on the computer while he did them cause he did not want me to leave. He came up to me and said "close your eyes I have an early christmas present to give you" so I closed my eyes and he gave me a huge hug. I said "wow thanks, that was a big hug," then I said. "When you get into High School will you still give me hugs like that." He said "yeah, but not in front of his friends." He is so funny and he gives the best hugs. He gives me like 49 hugs a day. I hope he keeps that up even when he is older. Today I'm grateful for HUGS!!!!


Shorty said...

That is so sweet that Zac hugs you all the time. What a sweet grandson! and, what a helper! He helped clean up after our big Thanksgiving dinner. Even did some vaccuming!

karen louise said...

Hey! How come he never gives me hugs :(

wendy said...

I love that. He is a sweet kid!!