Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 13 Blessed Are the Children

Day 13
Bitter are the tears of a child: Sweeten them.
Deep are the thoughts of a child: Quiet them.
Sharp is the grief of a child: Take it from him.
Soft is the heart of a child: Do not harden it.

Pamela Glenconner

It has been a week since I got released from being a second counselor in the Primary Presidency, but it was not official until today. I thought I was going to be okay with it, but every time I thought of the children I would get tears in my eyes. I was okay until I had to leave them and go to Relief Society, then I was having a hard time focusing on the lesson because thoughts of the children would come into my mind. As I sat there all I really wanted to do was go back to be with the children. Then at home, the primary president who I served with came over and brought me the coolest book. It's called "Blessed Are the Children"(the picture of this post is on the front cover of this book) That is the perfect book and I cried reading it. When I gave her a hug we both started crying and tried to cover it up. I think we will all miss the Primary. I loved serving with Susan Bradford and Jamie Boconegra and Renae Belliston. We became very good friends and now are friends forever. We laughed and cried and just felt loved. You guys are awesome and I could not have done my calling without all of you. I also got letters from a class that I read when I got home and they all said "thank you, you are nice, we will miss you. I will miss them. I think it might take a few sunday's to get used to. I'm just emotional today and I already miss the Primary. Children are amazing! The reason I choose this poem from the book I received today from Susan is because that's how we as leaders came into the primary. We wanted to show the Children love, to let them know they are loved and that we love them, just as the Savior shows us. I think Children are the closest to our Savior and that's where I want to be. I think I might try and sneak in Primary once in awhile. I will definately sub for any class. Primary is an awesome place to be.


karen louise said...

I have that exact book sitting in my entertainment center! I love it! I didn't realize that you had been released...I'm sorry :( I love children so much, too...maybe one day I'll have some of my own that you can love, too :)

Karla Kay said...

I am sorry for the changes in your callings. I have had callings like that, where you just cry thinking about not doing it anymore, both of not being with the other leaders and not being with those you serve. I hope you adjust soon and feel better about it. I know you will be missed by all those children too!

The Jones :) said...

Julie you are so're crying about your releasing, and I'm crying and struggling, wondering how I'll fulfill my calling. I know I'm just the secretary...but I didn't expect to get something like this just 2 weeks after having a yeah. I hope that when we're all done serving together, that we'll have the bond and relationship that you 3 have. You guys did an amazing job with your callings, and we have great examples to come to with questions and to get advice!! You're great!! And try to enjoy Relief Society!!

Aprilyn said...

I bet it feels weird to be in Relief Society. I did hear about the release last week unofficially but forgot about it until today. I'm glad you had the chance to serve in the Primary. I bet you will never forget it. You guys were all great. I could tell you really loved all the children and cared about them.

Jamie said...

you want to hear something funny?
I didn't leave primary on sunday....
Andrea needed someone to sit with Mason's class and I volunteered. it was nice to be there just observing and Samantha and Mason are having a hard time about me not being there anymore so maybe it's good I ws there one more time.

wendy said...

I cried the first time I was released from YW (in my old ward). It's so hard to leave a calling when you really love the group you're working with and you've put a lot of energy into it. They will miss you and I'm sure they knew they were loved.