Sunday, May 3, 2009

Womans Conference

Here is a picture of my Mom, sister Shelley and me at Womans Conference. I only went Thursday all day and we had so much fun. You guys have to go next year. I saw Sister Chipman and Sister Young there. Tons of people go and there is so many great speakers. We had a blast and got spiritually fed.


Karla said...

That sounds so fun! I am waiting for more family support here or for my kids to get bigger to do all those things... I hope to go to one someday. Glad you got a break. You deserve a nice get away with the ladies! It was great seeing you tonight! I am so happy for Mic and you guys too. That is awesome! He is an amazing young man, with amazing parents!!

wendy said...

I love women's conference! Next year, I hope . . . !

I am so sorry I didn't think to put Mic's Court of Honor in the bulletin today! I'm glad a lot of people came anyway. My ds couldn't stand to stay inside another minute, so we were outside teh whole time. I was there in spirit, though, cheering you on!!