Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well, the day finally came! First I woke up with a hive on my eye, so nice big swollen eye for the MTC, then I got one on my arm and then my feet and hands started itching, but they quickly went down when we got the MTC, my tongue was even itching and it did not go away till the next day, but at least the swelling went down. Mic was pretty nervous, but he said "Well I think I have everything" meaning let's go! We first took him to Tacanos as a going away gift because he loves that place and unfortunately all our kids do to! As we were eating we were talking about all the things he needed and packed just to make sure he had everything and when I said journal, he said "Oh no" then that started all the other things he forgot, so we quickly called my sister Shari to stop by and get all the things he forgot. She was able to bring them to the MTC, so that was relief! When we got there they had people directing you to the parking lot for pictures, then they said we could walk over to the wall across the street to take a picture then walk back to our car get in and drive back over and drop him off at the curb. How sad, at the curb? But that's all we could do, so we did. As we came up to the curb there was 2 missionaries to greet him and we all got out and gave our last hugs crying the whole time. I miss the song they used to sing when you went in the MTC. Called to Serve, but I heard it a few times this last week, so it was okay. Well, that was it, very short good bye and now he has been in there for almost 2 weeks, I have got an email and 1 written letter. He is doing okay, he just said it's hard, but he is going to stick with it. We miss him! Here is the pictures in the parking lot
Mic and his Aunts(Karen, Shari, Mic and Joni), just missing one, and it's Shelley.

Mic ready to go

Mic waving goodbye. This is the picture that got me sobbing in the car. WOW! Can't believe he is going to be gone for 2 years!

Parker really excited to go! Okay, it just looks that way.


Karen Brothersen said...

Wow! That is an awesome post Julie! Mic is going to be a wonderful missionary! I have always thought that of him. You have done really well with raising your children! 2 years seems long now, but keep yourself busy and write lots of letters, and it will go quickly! (thats what i heard anyway) ha ha

The Gubler Family said...

I still can't believe that you drove up to girl's camp right after that. You are an amazing woman.

Mateus G. Zanin said...

Very very great, Lord blessed he.
I'm from Brasil

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Wow! That is an awesome post Julie! Mic is going to be a wonderful missionary!


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