Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Missionary on a playground as a kid

So Mic and his companion happen to come upon this little playground in Sweden and decided to let their little kid in them come out and play.  He sent all his pictures on a flash drive home and I had no idea this video clip was on it.  I was so excited to watch it over and over and I thought I would share it.  I could not get it to work earlier, so today I thought I would try it one last time and it worked!!  Hope you enjoy the little kid in Mic!  He only has less than 8 months left and is doing great.  He has a companion that has lived in Utah for 5 years and is from Sweden, so he speaks fluent Swedish, so Mic is learning alot.  His first pair of shoes are finally worn out, he did say he could use duck tape and they would be fine.  The picture he sent of them duck tape would not hold.  Mic is so frugal and will use duck tape for anything to make it last.  So for Christmas he is getting new shoes.  I am sending him letters from the ward if anyone wants to email or give  me a letter to him.  I want to print them out and attach it to a foam Christmas tree ornament to put on his life size tree I made for him last year.   I'm sending it this week.  My email is

Hope you enjoy the video!

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