Monday, September 2, 2013

A year in one post!

Okay I'm going to attempt to catch up here, but not sure if my memory is that great and not sure how to post on my blog anymore.  So I hope it all turns out okay.  The last time I wrote on this was Feb 5, 2013.  A ton has happened and our biggest trial ever, happened in this time.. well 6 months ago.  So my post will maybe be dates with a few pics and words.  Anyway here goes.....

Feb 14, 2012 was Mic's 21st birthday!  I have a 22 year old, that means I'm 29 again, no really I am....well that would mean I would have had Mic when I was 7.  GROSS!!  So I guess you are not believing me... well okay.....I'm coming up on my ______ birthday.  There hows that?  Anyway it was Mic's birthday and he celebrated it in Sweden!  How cool is that. Here is a picture, but it might be small
March 20, 2012  Zac turned 12 this year and is a 2 year Deacon.  Here is a photo from this year a year later, but it might give our big trial away since I'm not posting about that yet.  Well I guess it's not a secret since everyone knows about it.  But this picture is way cool cause all of our sons have the Priesthood now and they were all together to go to Priesthood, thankfully.  This was taken this year in April.  I also did give a talk on Easter 2012 in Sacrament meeting, just for the record.  Gotta record those you know so the Bishopric knows in case they ask you, you have proof.  LOL!  It was also Parkers 19th birthday!  Legal now!!
 April 2012 was kinda a big month.  My Dad who had worked at BYU for about 47 years as a Barber was forced to kinda quit.  They were letting go all the full time people there and he was one of them.  It's really sad how they handled it all, but kinda good cause he has a barber shop at his house and he took all his BYU customers with him and that's a ton over 47 years.  So if you need a hair cut he is the best Barber in the world and he is just in Orem.  Has a website too.  Here is photo of him at his retirement party we threw for him. 

April 2012 was Haley's 1st prom.  Look at those muscles!  She was so pretty that night.  Okay I better post a better one.  What a nice gentleman he is opening his amazing car door for her. 
May 2012 was kinda busy too with Reilly's 14th birthday and Zac's 6 grade graduation!!!  No more Elementary school for us!  It's so weird not having any kids in Elementary school.  We did that for about 18 years straight!  Lot's of activities, Halloween parties to plan, room moms, PTA lots of years and trying to help with their homework.  They are smarter than me!  Well here is Reilly's birthday picture

And Zac's Graduation.  He is almost as tall as me!!  Well he is taller now, a year later.
June 2012 was a huge month!! My 2nd half marathon, 5k's and Youth Conference.  That was a hard half for me.  I went alone and I thought it would just be on the trial in the canyon all the way, but we started out on the highway which seemed to be more up hill.  I had had the flu that week and was feeling okay, but on mile 4 I got sick, but I pushed through the next 9 miles!!!  About mile 6 or 7 we got on the trail that started at Vivian park and then we came out of canyon and ran on University Ave and ran to Center street where the new Temple will be.  I made it in 2 hr and 35 min!  I also did the 5K scout run which I always love.  I tried so hard to beat Amy Sorensen, but will never happen.  She is amazing!  And of course I can never stay up with Rachel Boconegra. She is like lightning!  I'm so proud of her and all her cross country stuff.  She is FAST! 

Youth Conference was in June and it was up the canyon which was a lot of fun. 
The Young Women Sleepover/Manti pageant was SO much fun!   We took all the girls to see the pageant on the rehearsal night and it was amazing!  We didn't have to fight the crowds at all.  We stayed at Donna Gublers brothers house.  We had one huge room and slept there.  Andy and Bro Cossey came as Priesthood.  It was crazy fun!  I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!  All the YW!  I really miss them.  Got released this year which will be in another post!  Sad day, but this day was fun! 
July 2012 was HUGE with 4th of July 10K, Girls Camp, and Mic coming home from his mission.  Here is my 10K picture

Girls Camp was at Spanish Fork canyon with the choo choo trains and all the Bear-Cows!  The fires were too close to go to Camp Mia Shalom, the best camp in the whole world!  But we made this SF camp ground a Mia Shalom.  Stand in Holy Places right!  Mia Shalom is everywhere.  It was totally amazing!  Even with the train honking it's horn, I'm sure on purpose in the middle of each night!  Loved that train!  Ha Ha!  We also had a sprinkler that Bro Kratzer brought up for us.  It was so hot and we stuck our feet in buckets of cold water.  So much fun!!!!!!  GIrls Camp is so amazing and the spirit is there every time.  I just went to my last girls camp this year, which will be in another post.  I'm really really going to miss it bad!!

Okay Mic came home this month from his mission!!!!!  I would love to do a huge posts about that but I'm running out of time.  He did such a great job on his Mission and he stuck with it.  We are so proud of him and all that he did and all the many lives he touched!  He had some amazing experiences and did so much on his mission.  We had a little homecoming at our house after his talk.  Here are some pictures.  We are so glad to have him home!!!! 
All his family welcoming him home!

Haley and I could not let him go.  We hung on to him!

Love this cute cousin picture of the feet!

All the YW helped make this poster.  Valorie Gubler drew the Missionary!
October 2012 was a hard month.  We lost our dog Scout we have had for a long time.  He got really sick and the vet said he was on his way out and would not recover.  It was extremely sad!  Here is our Scout. We miss you tons!
Christmas 2012.  Here is our attempted Gingerbread Mansion we did this year,  Not as great as last year, but still BIG!  Also Santa party, riding a horse carriage at Riverwoods, A big box of chocolate from Parker, and visiting Temple square as a whole family! 

Well I was going to continue, but I'm not sure how to save all this that took me an hour to do and if I leave the computer it might disappear so I'm stopping here.  It's one month shy of a year.  So much more happened this year of 2012, but time is short.  This year was great!  Full of camping (ward campout, girls camp, youth conference) YW stuff, family stuff, birthdays and lots more.  Now onto 2013 which was an even crazier year and a year of some trials, but we have made it and things are going well.  We hope all is well with all of you.  Love reading your post!  



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