Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friends long ago and now

It feels strange to not put a picture along with my text, but I thought I would try it and see what happens and I don't have pictures of my young life on my computer.
Just the other day I ran into a friend from my nanny days and it was so much fun to see her. We had a lot of fun while we were nannies and now the kids we took care of are going to college. The little boy I took care of is now 22 years old. Man I feel really old.
I think it's great that we have friends and some for a really long time. What would we do without friends? I can't imagine that. I'm glad I have friends and glad I find long lost friends and get to catch up on things. Friends are just perfect! I'm glad that I made a blog and can see all my friends blog too and my families blogs, you guys are my friends too. Keep blogging!


wendy said...

I love this, Julie! And how wonderful to reconnect with an old friend. What WOULD we do without friends??

karen louise said...

I think posting without pictures is fun's a different side of blogging...just blogging for your thoughts. I loved this post! In fact I just had 8 friends over for dinner that were my college roommates...and it was the BEST to catch up. You are so right!!! What would we do without friends? Thanks for always being mine :)