Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parkers last game of the season

Keep going Parker!
Notice Parkers new shoes. He paid for them and they even have his name on them.

Look at his leg muscles. Geez! I need some of that.

That's just amazing how photographers can catch a picture of the ball like that. That is cool!

Sorry, I just had to brag. All these years I have been trying to get pictures of Parker this clear. A lady on our team took these, and I thought they were so clear and professional. I emailed her to thank her because I love them. Now I can do a big frame of Parkers soccer and then I want to do one of Mic and his music. I thought that would be cool to do one of each of the kids and to show their talents. This game was tied 0 to 0, but since the blue team had one more point in the season they got to go on to quarter finals. We were all very sad. We took state in the spring tho. This is the first time they did not go to quarter finals. Parker is now looking forward to Mountain view high school soccer, and futsal(playing indoor soccer). Sorry I just love my kids and have to brag a little.


The Jones :) said...

Those are some pretty cool pictures she got!! That'll be a nice thing for them if you do the frames!! I want some leg muscles like him do you do that!?!?! ;) YEAH for Zac...let me know for sure that you do the fire station...and I'll tell Aprilyn to get the badge and arrows!! That's exciting!!
-Becki :)

Joni said...

Amazing shots of Parker! I too want those legs! just rip them off in the night and i'll switch him... lol he would have a heart attack!!! We will have to come to his High School games!

Kyle & Karen said...

Awesome pics!!!! Those should be framed!

karen louise said...

Holy cow!!! Parker is awesome!!! Look at those muscles!!!!! Gimmee some of those tooooooo!!!!

Aprilyn said...

He looks great! You should brag about your kids! They are all great!!

Tomfam7 said...

So fun to see you again,and get the update on your cute family. Hey, how bout we stay in touch this time?!

Love ya,

Jamie said...

those really are some cool pictures. They really capture the intensity he is playing with. I think the frame idea is really fun. see you tomorrow or oops... i just looked at the clock.. today! :)man! I gotta get to bed.

Jana Whetton said...

My legs looked like that last year! Ha ha I have to tell you Julie that your camera shots are VERY good with the action! Not to many can get shots like that with out some blur. Good job! And YES we need to have another scrapbooking party and this time have a contest to see who gets the most pages done! Get on it =)