Friday, December 26, 2008

Frosty the snowman!

I really need some more snowman in my yard. Come on! I know alot of you out there like to build snowmen, so come on over and build me more. We could all have a snowman party. This is Haley's first snowman she built with her friends and then they knocked it down.
Here is Haley's 2nd snowman after a day. She calls it her athletic snowman. It's stretching right now and she put a shovel to it's head to hold him up. I guess he did too many sit ups. Here is Haley's 2nd snowman. Haley said when it snows next she is going to make 3 kid snowmans. I'm counting on your word and I have it in writing for everyone to see. Snow, snow, snow. Everyone pray for snow!!!!!!!!!!!!


wendy said...

Those look so fun!

I was going to make a snow nativity in our yard one year, but never got to it. I think it'd look awesome!

Aprilyn said...

I made a huge snowman but it fell and now we haven't had any more pack snow. Next time we get pack snow I'll try to send at least Nathan over there.

Jana Whetton said...

Hey Julie! Hope you had a great Christmas with your cute family and the HUGE Thomas family! Can't wait till we get scrapping and crapping. I got CS4 for Christmas and I am so excited!! Shell does not even have that so I beat her lol. Shell has her stress until Jan 16th then we can all get together so talk to your mom and sissys and see what will work with them.
Merry Christmas!

Jana Whetton said...

Julie that is the beauty of being the one that takes the pictures!! That way NO one sees the 49 fat