Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A break from my 3 jobs! YEAH!

This is my Grandma who lives in St. George and she fell 2 sundays ago walking into church and she broke 3 ribs and is still in the hospital. My mom and all my sisters are going down this Sat and Sunday to help her and make up meals for her to put in her freezer, and clean her house. She is the best Grandma in the world! I just love her to pieces. She is in her 80's and she is spunky and funny. This fall has really set her back and I hope this visit will be good for her and boost her spirits, plus I need a break from all my jobs. I feel really guilty going to St. George without my family cause that's the place we used to go, and we have not been on a family vacation in like 2 or 3 years. We can't all aford to go, so I decided to just go cause my Mom and sisters are going too. I'm just looking forward to seeing her and visiting with her and helping her get well and make things easier for her. I just love her so much. I hope sometime soon we can go as a family to visit her because she misses all the kids.


Angie said...

I'm glad we are all going! It will be a good break for all of us I'm sure. And I love seeing Grandma Thomas she just has a beautiful spirit that radiates her and makes you want to be around her! Can't wait til tomorrow!!!!!

wendy said...

I'm glad you get to go, Julie. She is beautiful. I hope she mends okay. Have a great trip!

karen louise said...

I am really really glad that we came!!! You are so right, Grandma is the best in the whole world...I wish that she wasn't going downhill because she is just so spunky and so much fun!! We have had so many good memories with her, and I hope we still have more!!!!