Monday, April 6, 2009

MVH soccer again

Here we go again. Mountain View High School soccer. In his last game he assisted a teammate in the winning goal. So far they have won all their games and plan to go all the way to state in May. They did last year but ended up coming in second. This year they plan to WIN first place! Parker has been doing soccer every day and he LOVES it. He has to get new soccer shirts because he is getting bigger muscles. He plans to play soccer in college somewhere. He is doing awesome!


thomasfamilyblog said...

i would love to come see a game sometime. soon as the kids are feeling better. let me know when there is one close. thanks

Andrea said...

Good for him! He's amazing at so many things.
I will try to get FD there, and yep the dance recital is tomorrow at 5 at the friendship center.


Bee Bee said...

Wow. I remember the soccer days (I kinda miss them,but not the rain and snow and time)! What a trooper you are! I love all the things you post - what a great family you have.

...Thanks for the nice things you always write to me - I'm doing ok. Someday it will be better.

karen louise said...

He is SOOO good! That picture of him is awesome! Did you take it?