Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winter is back!!!! NO!!!!!!! More pictures of the snow

Here is some more pictures of the 8 inches that fell in one night. This is looking across the street
Parker walking down the front steps

8 inches of snow on our car!!!

The coolest snowman ever. Potatoes for the eyes, broccoli for nose and carrots for the mouth and sticks for the arms. I love it!

I knew there was a reason I did not change my background of snowflakes.. winter decided to come back with full force today. This is crazy, but when I got home from the movies Parker had a huge cool snowman in the front yard for me. I was so excited cause I love snowmen in the front yard. Maybe they will build more for me cause it really snowed a ton more all night long. Is spring going to ever get here or did we just get a tiny taste of it a few days ago? Did summer get skipped and is winter here again?

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karen louise said...

Oh PALEEEESE don't say summer got skipped! That would mean I wouldn't get my summer off as a teacher!!! Crap!!