Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mic's Court of Honor

Congratulations Mic! We had over 90 people to come and see Mic's Court of Honor. Wow! We almost did not have enough chairs and cake. Thank you all for coming, that meant alot to Mic. Thank you for supporting him in his project and being there for him. Now we get to work on Parker. I think Mom and Dad's should have their Eagles too with all the work that goes into it. Where is my award???? Oh wait..... it's Mic and how proud of him I am. It feels so awesome to have an Eagle Scout for a son. Great job Mic! The family of the Eagle Scout.
Mic putting the Dad pin on his Dad. The Mom picture did not turn out so good.

Mic really felt that he wanted to give the mentor pin to Jeremy West. Mic really looked up to him and had some great times in scouts with him. Reilly is now in 11 year old scouts and we wish that the West were no moving. You guys are great with scouts

Mic and his Eagle we got him.

Mic and his table of all his scout accomplishments.


Joni said...

We are so proud of Mic!! Way to go!!! Now you have 3 more boy's to go!!

Amy Sorensen said...

Congrats to Mic! And takes everyone, I'm learning! Sorry again that we couldn't make it to the court of honor. I'm happy for you that so many people turned out!

Karla said...

I am still so happy for Mic and your family too. It takes a lot of work! I am glad we could be there, although I felt like I was just in the nursery the whole time with unhappy kids. At least Rob got to see it all, I heard it from the hall, but didn't see much past Mark's talk. (bummer) Great job though!!

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

I think the Congratulations should go to MOM. :) Mic did a great job and his project was incredible. You've got some great boys... and one really great girl. Good job guys!