Friday, May 8, 2009

Hope of America for the 4th time!!!

I totally love this program. We have gone to it 4 times now with our kids and we have one more to go. Those are kids in the flag with red, white and blue shirts on. It's so cool Reilly and his cousin Madi who were both in the program
The gang

Reilly's birthday was the same night so we made a big sign to hold up and Reilly saw it from the floor. We were sitting way up high. I told Reilly to look for the big green sign, that way he would be able to see where we were sitting. It worked.

Smile Reilly!


karen louise said...

Awesome pictures!!! I wish we would have had it the same night danget!! I forgot it was his birthday that day! Happy bday Reilly!!

The Jones :) said...

I LOVE Hope of America me goosebumps!! Wish I would've known about it...I go and I don't even have kids in it!!