Monday, May 11, 2009

A GIGANTIC Mother's Day card

I love cards on Mother's Day! They are the best gifts and my kids all made me cards. Parker and Haley had a contest to see who could make me cry the most. First I read Parker's which is this one, the gigantic one(The frame by it is a 8 x 10, so you can see how big it is). His made me cry and so Haley said I am going to make Mom cry more. I was crying at all their cards. The things they wrote were from the heart. I loved it and I felt loved. This is what Parker wrote in his if you can read it. If you click on the picture you can read it better.
This is Haley's card to me.

This is Zac's card that he made at school

And this is Reilly's card he made at school. Mic's gift is not ready yet, but he has spent 3 hours on it and he also cleaned all the windows inside our house on Sat. I have wonderful kids. And I feel loved. I even got Mother of the Year award from my Mom and sisters. They gave me a big pot of pretty white flowers. Now that made me cry too. Happy Mothers Day everyone!


Karen Brothersen said...

Those cards made me cry! Your children are all very thoughtful, loving and considerate! You have done well raising them. I have always thought that you were a good mother! THanks for being an example to me!

karen louise said...

Holy crap! You just made me cry!!!! Your kids are the best ever, and they love you so much!!!!! You are such a good mom Julie..I look up to you in so many ways!!

Jana Whetton said...

This is so sweet Julie. Those cards make all the hard stuff worth while. Congrats on such wonderful kids. Keep the cards close so when those days come and ya just want to beat em good go to time out and read them again!!