Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mic's HUGE award and VOTE for Mic!

Mic received the John Philip Sousa award in band. His name is going to be engraved on a plaque in the band room at Timpanogos for all to see. This award was given to Mic for his dedication and performance in band. This is a huge award and we are so proud of him. Great job Mic. He even got his very own first little trophy for band and of course my favorite candy bar!
This is really cool! Vote for Mic's song. He has about 60 votes so far but he needs to catch up to an Osmond who has over 1600 votes. Vote every day. Mic is the one with the the 2 little boys in overalls. That's when they were little. He is about #15 down.

Hey, this is Mic!
Remember that music showcase contest I was in?
Well its starting again for the summer showcase! Please vote for my song every day so I can get money for college!
Here's how it works:
1. Go to;
2. Then in the upper right-hand corner click: Sign up here!
3. Quickly enter in some info.
4. Now click on the SHOWCASE tab at the top and scroll down to find my name. Click it and listen to my song and vote! Vote EVERYDAY and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!! Thanks


Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Those DANG Osmonds. :) Good job Mic... and I will be sure to vote!

Shelley said...

Way to go, Mic, on the John Philip Sousa band award. That is an honor you'll always remember. I still have my little trophy from winning it at Orem HS 29 years ago! :-) I am very proud of you and your musical talents!

karen louise said...

Way to go, Mic!! You are so talented!