Monday, May 18, 2009

Mic's Seminary Graduation and Twin Sisters

Congratualations Mic!!!! Mic did a great job giving a wonderful talk and doing a musical with his friend. I can't believe he is graduating and going off to College and then a mission in 8 months. Mic was just this little guy (2) running around saying "I do, I do". That's was basically his first words and now he is all grown up. I am sad, but I am happy at the same time. I'm excited to see how he does on his own. Okay someone else has to learn to play the piano or I'm seriously going to go crazy without it! Haley is learning, but hurry up. Ha Ha!

This is my Mom Alice and Alice Ann Young. I have always thought they look alike and they have the same name. I had to get a picture. I asked Alice Ann to come and meet her twin sister.


Jamie said...

It must be so strange to have a kid almost all grown up. He's a great young man and at his eagle court Donna and I were thinking good son-in-law material... :) dont' tell Valorie or Carly I said that or we'll get in sooo much trouble.

the 2 Alices do look so much alike. wow. I can see your face in your mom's too.

and in response to your question on my blog; no we still don't know what was wrong with Mark. The symptoms haven't come back and he's done well this week except for a raging headache leftover from the painkiller they gave him that lasted 4 days
The tests they've all done have been negative so they've ruled out LOTs of things but can't tell us what it WAS.

Karen Brothersen said...

He was saying "I do I do" at two... but before long he will be saying "I do" for real! yikes. He has grown up so fast!

karen louise said...

Gosh, I can't believe he is that old!!! It was just yesterday that I tended him after school when I was in Junior High! What the??! He is awesome, and will do AWESOME on his own and on his mission! You've raised such great kids, Julie!

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