Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where oh where have the Lopp's been

I just realized I have not updated my blog since Nov! Wow! That's been a long time. I'm usually up on that. We are getting ready to send Mic's papers off for his mission. Feb 20th is when he can send them off. Wow! I'm old sending a missionary off. Yikes!!!!!!! He is way excited tho and can't wait.
Here are some random pictures of what we have been up to:
Christmas candy houses
Anual family Santa party at the lopp's

We have gotten into bowling for FHE. The kids all love it. This was when Mic was home from college. The only person missing is Andy. He was home one time with us, but Mic was gone.

Reilly recieved his Tenderfoot award in scouts and has finished his 2nd class and almost his 1st class(I can never remember which comes first... 1st or 2nd class)
Zac will get his Bear at the Blue and Gold Banquet this Thursday

Playing in the snow and building a very cool snowman with Zac.


Joni said...

It's about time sissy!! I can't believe Mic will be leaving in a few short months! Crazy!!! We will have to come bowling one of these monday's with you!!

ChasingChasey said...

Hey, is there a good place around here for cheap bowling? That new picture of all the kids is really cute!!

♥ Karla said...

Looks like Fat Cats bowling... Rob had a company thing there and we had free bowling and free Costa Vida. Couldn't complain. Great pics! I think of you and your family often. Wish I were closer to visit with you more. Miss ya!

Jamie said...

I have been checking and checking and yes! it paid off. You're back! It was fun to see your pictures. You have been such a busy woman lately. I have been told it's okay to let some things slide for a bit. You're awesome. :)

karen louise said...

Yahoo! You're back!! Keep blogging, I love reading your blogs :) I want to come bowling with your guys for family night! Invite me! :)

karen louise said...

PS...Re add me on your have it added for when I was private, but now I'm not so it will show my updates if you delete my blog and then re-add me k??